A for apathy.
B for bitter-sweet memories.
C for cacophony. 
D for damnation.
E for ecstasy.
F for fiends that follow.
G for ghosts that I'm not afraid of. 
H for heavy.
I for incentive.
J for jealousy.
K for kind.
L for late. 
M for moments.
N for nefelibata.
O for Obliviate, a spell we all wished we knew. 
P for practising (im)perfection.
Q for quality over quantity.
R for raw.
S for so much. 
T for temperamental. 
U for Uke, the only companion on rainy days. 
V for variety. 
Let us celebrate the variety in the garden; of our existence and our essence. 

W for The World.
X for xerox.
Y for yum.
Z for zzzz.
I am nothing, and I am everything.
The Singularity.
In two minds.
Three grants for a wish.
I think "four-eyes" is a compliment. 
They call me Speedy the fifth.
The sinking 6°.
I'm Avaritia, one of the seven deadly sins.
The Twins were born on the 8th.
They meet, finally!
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